Sunday, October 2, 2011

(Crazy) Sock it to me!

You know that color is in. You know that showing your ankles are in (whether that means rolling your pants or a shorter hem).  So why not mix these two trends together to bring some attention down to those feet? There's no reason to wear a plain solid sock these days. There are some great lines out there creating fun socks for both casual and dressed up occasions.

Take this goofy picture of Al Roker. I came across it on one day and the first thing my eye went to was his foot! Just a simple and tame argyle can be classy yet add interest. (And please note the colored suede shoe.)

Or add some bright unexpected pop to your solid suit! They'll just catch a glimpse as you walk down the hall or when you sit down for that meeting.

Happy Socks has created a whole line of totally crazy unisex socks that work well with your jeans. If you prefer a slightly thicker sock with your dress shoe they can work for that application as well.

For a high quality dress sock with wit, check out Per Pedes, available at better men's stores and a few online retailers. Each sock is named, and they have something for everyone. If this idea feels a little outside the box to you, there are plenty of great striped or argyle options to ease you in. But if you care to get a little crazy with your footwear, this brand has what you are looking for. I found these and several more pair at
And God Created Eve Sock

Gypsy King Sock

Do you wear bright or fun socks? What's your favorite?

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Happy Socks. And so does everyone that see's them. I have about 3 pairs and love each and every one. :)