Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Three Ways to Wear the Work Boot

Work boots hit the men's fashion scene a few years ago and this trend continues to gain momentum. The rise (or return) to Americana dress has propelled this footwear into the spotlight, and there are several ways to wear it. Two rules. No hiking boots allowed, and show off the boot--this means, shorter hem, rolled pant, or pant tucked into the boot. I'm going to break it down into three looks for you to try.

1. Military. The key to this version is tucking your pants or jeans into the boot. You need a fairly tall boot that laces up to get the right look. Experiment with lacing all the way up or leaving the top few loose or even turned down for a different vibe.
Hayden Christensen
There are a million versions of this boot out there. To save some dough, head to a navy surplus store for the real deal. The fashion versions range in price and often come with a zip up the side (look at Hayden's above) so you don't have to actually deal with the laces. This Cassidy Boot from Diesel is a great take on this trend that is available in 4 color ways.
Diesel Cassidy Boot

2. Grunge.  To get a grunge effect, get a boot that looks worn in, or beat them up yourself! Pair with distressed jeans and roll the cuffs a couple times to show of the shoe. In this version, Zachary is on the red carpet and paired his boots with a jacket. But a simple solid tee would do just fine. If you aren't used to going grunge, black or gray on top is a safe bet for pulling off the look.
Zachary Quinto
All Saints has the grunge feel mastered and their Spire Boot will get you the look you need. **Money saving tip: Use the SAME boot for grunge and military! What you do with the jeans or pants will change the feel completely!**

Think your style is too polished or dressy for this trend? Oh no. Suits or trousers with boots are a great look! Just find a sleeker version. It will give your business or evening wear just a little edge. There are so many things right with the look below (found on Men's Club) I could do a whole blog post about it. But the point is, this guy is wearing a double breasted peak lapel tux jacket AND and ascot! And he paired them with boots! Please note, he still rolled the pants to show off the footwear, although at the office, this may not be appropriate.
The Frye Company has been known for their boots for years--worn by celebrities everywhere. They have a "Tailored" category in the Men's section of their website that will give you multiple options for this trend. This Rand Boot was one of my favorites. Notice how if your trousers fell over the boot, and you could only see the bottom portion, it would look like a dress shoe!
Frye Rand Boot
So there you have it! Anyone can wear this look. Have fun with it and let us know what you pair them with.

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  1. Great article, I've just tried to convince my husband to wear worker boots like the man on first pic but it was really hard;)Finally he agreed;)

  2. Thanks ThePinkDahlia! Glad he gave it a go!