Sunday, October 30, 2011

Breaking Down a Basic-- The Tee Shirt

I was also considering titling this post "Why Your Hanes 3-Pack Isn't Cutting It"

I would be hard pressed to think of a piece in your wardrobe that is more of a staple than the tee shirt. Its timeless and everyone of every style and every age wears them in some fashion or another. Most people wear a tee shirt multiple times a week, and yet spend the least amount of money on them! Think about it. Shouldn't the item you wear that frequently be something to invest in? You want it to last and look amazing! There is no reason to look frumpy when walking out of your house in jeans and a tee. In fact, it can be one of the most effortless AND sexy pairings out there. I do realize that undershirts have their place. But that is what they should be used for. If the tee is at all part of your outfit--including layering, you should be wearing quality.

It is my opinion that 99% of men look best in a V-neck. Now hold up. Before you start saying things like, "I don't like my chest" or "I'm too hairy" or whatever your argument may be, keep in mind that there are many V depths out there. A lot of V necks sit right on your clavicle and really don't dip down any farther than your crew. But the shape of the neck is much more flattering. Take this Banana Republic tee, for example. The V is fairly high, the color is a nice change from black or white, and their fit is really quite good.
Banana Republic
If you've never spent money on a tee before and are having trouble wrapping your head around it, this is a good place to start. Most of their tees are around $24.50 and they have a really nice selection of basic and versatile colors. I chose this photo on purpose (instead of the one featuring the tee) because I wanted to show that even with a totally casual weekend look, the quality makes a difference. He looks more pulled together than if he had layered with a thin, cheap white tee shirt.

If you are ready to truly invest in your tees, James Perse and Theory both make a very nice mid range tee shirt, ranging from $50 to about $110. You will feel the difference in the fabrics and get longevity out of the garment. These tees are great with their expected counterpart--denim, but also work beautifully when dressed up with a suit or sport coat.
Theory Tee available at Bergdorf Goodman
Theory Tee available at Bergdorf Goodman

If you're planning to wear your tee all on its own, look for fun colors and interesting fabrics. This great tee by Drifter is a perfect example of a sexy cut that will turn heads without too much effort on your part! These tees are usually around $42-$48, but are on sale at for only $21.00 in several colors!
Drifter Tee

 If you already have your tee shirt situation dialed in and are looking for a way to mix things up, consider switching to a Henley. One or two undone buttons has a  very attractive vibe, and as shown below, they are equally as versatile as your regular tees! Get a layered look like Kellan Lutz by putting a body hugging tank under the Henley.
Brad Pitt wearing a Henley and Sport Coat

Mario Lopez wears his just like a tee

Kellan Lutz layers a tank
So there you have it! Every man should have at least two each quality solid white and black tees. Then start throwing other colors in the mix, such as charcoal, navy or burgundy. Do you already wear quality tee shirts? Who makes your favorite?

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