Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shop Forzieri

I haven't ever done a post solely revolving around one store. I certainly mention my favorite retailers when pointing you where to find a trend. But I'm so excited about an online shop I recently discovered that I must share! Its called Forzieri and its awesome. While it has a little bit of everything, I think the leathers and accessories are its strength. Most goods are Italian made, but certainly everything is stylish and of great quality. The prices range from reasonable to astronomical and everything in between. They have a very unique selection. In fact, over the years I've had trouble finding a source for clients who are seeking grey leather (especially belts), and they have it!  I've pasted a slew of my favorites below. If you've worked with me for a while, then you know that I always gravitate toward the obvious, colorful, different, unexpected, etc. However, if you tend toward the more subtle and/or conservative, please don't let what you see here stop you. There is a plethora of offerings to suit your taste on this site. Take a look at my favorite picks:
One pair of shoes for all your belts! Black, brown and mustard cover the gamut!

A unique pattern for sure! Beautiful on your staple lavender dress shirt!

Totally hot. Two toned gloves!

Need I say anything?

Super stylin' sneaks! Amp up your weekend look!


Brighten up your winter work wear with a shocking leather briefcase!

Man's four vices. Gambling, drink, horses and women. Porcelain and gold.

Asymmetry funks up your block croc watch!

Check out the site and post in the comments with your favorite find! Happy shopping! (PS- Don't miss the Missoni ties on sale for $96.00!)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful readers around the world! I hope you opened presents this morning in your fashionable sweatpants!

I'll see you Wednesday!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wearing Pink is Cool! Seriously!

You already know what this post is about from the title. So I'm going to go ahead and kick this off by blasting two ridiculous myths about wearing pink right out of the water.

1. "But I'm straight!" Straight men are the only people who worry about this. No woman or gay man would assume you are gay just because you wear a pink shirt. I actually can't believe that guys still think this, but they do! I still have clients say it to me. Ironically, to the contrary, I find men in pink highly attractive. I think it is a color that exudes confidence. (Besides, gay men are often incredible dressers, so its actually a pretty good idea to pull some tips from there!)

2. "I'm not a country club prepster." You don't have to love Izod Polo's and white sweaters tied around your shoulders to wear pink. It can actually look edgy, artsy, whatever you want! Just like any other color, you are going to mix it into your own style to reflect your own personality.

Don't believe me? I've located some pictures of well known, straight-non-preppy dudes to argue my case for me:
Kanye West

Brad Pitt

Matthew Mcconaughey

Elvis Presley

Orlando Bloom
Got it? If you haven't mixed this color into your closet yet, here are a few pieces to get you started. I haven't included a solid pink dress shirt here, as they are easy to locate. They are a staple in most Men's departments. Click on any of the captions to go to the online retailer.

Acne Sweater $275

JP Tilford Samuelsohn Cashmere Sport Coat $895

Calibrate Satin Tie $49.50
John W Nordstrom Linen Pant $195

Thomas Pink Shirt $195

Peter Jenson Knit- 50% Off! $174
A myriad of great options to get you started if you are not already utilizing this fantastic color! Do you have pink in your closet?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trend Debate- The Baseball Jacket

There is a major trend I haven't shared with you this season. Not because I don't care about you, but because I can't decide how I feel about it. I'm just not sure this is what I want to send my readers out wearing. Just because something is a trend, doesn't mean its stylish--or in good taste! That being said there are clearly many who would disagree with me. So I decided to put it in front of you, display the facts, and see what you think! Please comment at the end of this post with whether or not you like this look: The Baseball Jacket. Some are even taking it as far as a Letterman jacket (yes, they are adding giant colorful letters to their baseball jackets, and yes, they are adults), but I just couldn't bring myself to feature that. Here are some celebs rocking this trend..........
Robert Pattinson

Chris Brown

Justin Bieber
Justin and Chris both chose a two-tone jacket. The contrasting color of the sleeves makes it look both more "authentic," and athletic. Robert Pattinson's version utilizes the basic shape and construction of a baseball jacket, but tones it down in all black wool. Of the three, I would definitely gravitate toward Pattinson's look. (By the way, my opinion is in regards to using this functional garment as a fashion piece. If you are in high school or college, and are indeed a Letterman, wear that jacket proud!)

Hypothetically speaking, if you were to embrace this trend, here are some jackets on the market that I found rather palatable.  As always, Alexander McQueen adds the funk!
Express Men- On Sale! $138.50

Shades of Gray- On Sale! $185.00

Black Rivet- On Sale! $112.50

Alexander McQueen for Puma- On Major Sale! $55.99
I don't know, maybe its the ribbing at the waist or something. I just can't LOVE it. But if you feel that it fits your personal style, it will likely look great on you. After all, that is the key to pulling off a look. So please comment below. Do you like it? Why or why not? Do you wear one? If so, what do you pair it with. Let's debate the Baseball Jacket!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scene and Heard- Holidays!

I did a post a couple weeks ago on Holiday Attire to help you get ready for all the events of the season. Well, they've started up! Along with my company holiday party, I attended two store events so far this month. They just so happen to be my two favorite men's stores in Portland, and for good reason! I've mentioned both of them several times in the past. Here's what I have to report.

Local 35 has been featuring fashion forward urban clothes for men and women for eight years now. They seem to always carry every major trend of the season. Two weeks ago, the owner opened a second store called Machus, and I attended the grand opening party! Machus is equally as fashion forward--a bit in the same vein as Local 35, but focusing on the higher end lines. While the space is fairly small, Machus seems to succeed in providing just a little bit of anything you might need--denim, outerwear, ties, jewelry, shoes, button down shirts, etc. The party offered light bites, tasty beverages, and a video art installation of cheerleaders. While some of the clothes may be too edgy for many Portlanders, there is certainly something for everyone. I encourage people to push their comfort zone when it comes to their own style, and both of these stores offer a selection that allows you to do so.

Next up was the Michael Allen's holiday party! This is basically the best retail holiday party in the city, as far as I'm concerned. A live band, gourmet appetizers and deserts, and a local winery pouring their finest meld with the trunk shows and luxury goods that surround you in this fantastic space. The always knowledgeable and attentive staff are ready for you at a moment's notice. I did a very popular post earlier this year regarding how to select custom suit and sport coat fabrics, which featured an interview with Scott Anderson from Gladson Fabrics. Well Scott was at this party in person to feature, not only Gladson's luxurious fabrics, but a great selection of fun accessories. I chose two of my favorites to share with you.

This fun pocket square comes in four color ways and features a different pin-up girl in a bathing suit in each corner. I borrowed my husbands jacket pocket to show how witty this pocket square can be depending on how its displayed. The neutral pattern in the middle of the square gives you a conservative option depending on your occasion. Just an easy adjustment to the fold and no one would ever know!

These belts caught my eye as well. They're customizable! Choose from any of the 6 leathers--three smooth leather and three skins, and then choose from one of about 15 stitch colors to make a classy belt with some pop! The blue and red were both a fun choice, but you could really get unique and individual with these.

If you're bummed that you missed the trunk show, don't worry. Michael Allen's can special order them for you at any time! (Great holiday gifts!!!)

So, that wraps up the parties for this week. Have you been to any great parties this season? What did you wear? Did you see someone or something that inspired your style? Please share in the comments below!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Corduroy in Color

Common Cord Colors: Brown, navy, gray. Maybe black. Possibly camel, if you're really feeling crazy. Perhaps a hunter green.

Not this season. Corduroy pants follow suit with all of the trends of color this season! (Review our previous posts on color blocking, colored shoes, and colored chinos.) We want bright, fun pants that lend some variety to the grey of winter. Hopefully you own your must have unstructured blue blazer. If you're wondering why its a must have then you really do need to link back to the color blocking post! It will work with any color of cord and allow you to instantly dress them up. Juxtapose the jacket with some casual sneaks for a fun twist, as demonstrated by Isaac Hindin Miller, an author for the New York Times blog, "T".
Miller incorporated a collared shirt and tie into this look, but you could achieve a whole different vibe with a tee and boot.

Here are a few great picks out there right now, all from Ralph Lauren, and all on sale!

Yellow Cord $98

Red Cord $84

Feeling frisky? Pair your yellow cords with a contrasting suede shoe, such as blue or green! Things are looking bright this winter. What will you pair your colored corduroys with?