Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Corduroy in Color

Common Cord Colors: Brown, navy, gray. Maybe black. Possibly camel, if you're really feeling crazy. Perhaps a hunter green.

Not this season. Corduroy pants follow suit with all of the trends of color this season! (Review our previous posts on color blocking, colored shoes, and colored chinos.) We want bright, fun pants that lend some variety to the grey of winter. Hopefully you own your must have unstructured blue blazer. If you're wondering why its a must have then you really do need to link back to the color blocking post! It will work with any color of cord and allow you to instantly dress them up. Juxtapose the jacket with some casual sneaks for a fun twist, as demonstrated by Isaac Hindin Miller, an author for the New York Times blog, "T".
Miller incorporated a collared shirt and tie into this look, but you could achieve a whole different vibe with a tee and boot.

Here are a few great picks out there right now, all from Ralph Lauren, and all on sale!

Yellow Cord $98

Red Cord $84

Feeling frisky? Pair your yellow cords with a contrasting suede shoe, such as blue or green! Things are looking bright this winter. What will you pair your colored corduroys with?

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  1. I thinks it's great to see color during the winter. So often we associate the doom and gloom of winter with clothing that is the same. Bring on the color!