Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wearing Pink is Cool! Seriously!

You already know what this post is about from the title. So I'm going to go ahead and kick this off by blasting two ridiculous myths about wearing pink right out of the water.

1. "But I'm straight!" Straight men are the only people who worry about this. No woman or gay man would assume you are gay just because you wear a pink shirt. I actually can't believe that guys still think this, but they do! I still have clients say it to me. Ironically, to the contrary, I find men in pink highly attractive. I think it is a color that exudes confidence. (Besides, gay men are often incredible dressers, so its actually a pretty good idea to pull some tips from there!)

2. "I'm not a country club prepster." You don't have to love Izod Polo's and white sweaters tied around your shoulders to wear pink. It can actually look edgy, artsy, whatever you want! Just like any other color, you are going to mix it into your own style to reflect your own personality.

Don't believe me? I've located some pictures of well known, straight-non-preppy dudes to argue my case for me:
Kanye West

Brad Pitt

Matthew Mcconaughey

Elvis Presley

Orlando Bloom
Got it? If you haven't mixed this color into your closet yet, here are a few pieces to get you started. I haven't included a solid pink dress shirt here, as they are easy to locate. They are a staple in most Men's departments. Click on any of the captions to go to the online retailer.

Acne Sweater $275

JP Tilford Samuelsohn Cashmere Sport Coat $895

Calibrate Satin Tie $49.50
John W Nordstrom Linen Pant $195

Thomas Pink Shirt $195

Peter Jenson Knit- 50% Off! $174
A myriad of great options to get you started if you are not already utilizing this fantastic color! Do you have pink in your closet?


  1. I have plenty of pink in my closet (dress shirts and ties), but also in the sports clothes drawer. As an avid bike rider/racer, I'm happy that cycling apparel is finally moving away from garish logos and lycra and into a more fashionable direction, including pink. See the UK's Rapha site for some examples, really nice stuff with a flair, I dunno if wearing pink makes me go faster, but it's a fun dash of color.


  2. I checked out the stuff! Thanks for sharing, Tom!