Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scene and Heard- Holidays!

I did a post a couple weeks ago on Holiday Attire to help you get ready for all the events of the season. Well, they've started up! Along with my company holiday party, I attended two store events so far this month. They just so happen to be my two favorite men's stores in Portland, and for good reason! I've mentioned both of them several times in the past. Here's what I have to report.

Local 35 has been featuring fashion forward urban clothes for men and women for eight years now. They seem to always carry every major trend of the season. Two weeks ago, the owner opened a second store called Machus, and I attended the grand opening party! Machus is equally as fashion forward--a bit in the same vein as Local 35, but focusing on the higher end lines. While the space is fairly small, Machus seems to succeed in providing just a little bit of anything you might need--denim, outerwear, ties, jewelry, shoes, button down shirts, etc. The party offered light bites, tasty beverages, and a video art installation of cheerleaders. While some of the clothes may be too edgy for many Portlanders, there is certainly something for everyone. I encourage people to push their comfort zone when it comes to their own style, and both of these stores offer a selection that allows you to do so.

Next up was the Michael Allen's holiday party! This is basically the best retail holiday party in the city, as far as I'm concerned. A live band, gourmet appetizers and deserts, and a local winery pouring their finest meld with the trunk shows and luxury goods that surround you in this fantastic space. The always knowledgeable and attentive staff are ready for you at a moment's notice. I did a very popular post earlier this year regarding how to select custom suit and sport coat fabrics, which featured an interview with Scott Anderson from Gladson Fabrics. Well Scott was at this party in person to feature, not only Gladson's luxurious fabrics, but a great selection of fun accessories. I chose two of my favorites to share with you.

This fun pocket square comes in four color ways and features a different pin-up girl in a bathing suit in each corner. I borrowed my husbands jacket pocket to show how witty this pocket square can be depending on how its displayed. The neutral pattern in the middle of the square gives you a conservative option depending on your occasion. Just an easy adjustment to the fold and no one would ever know!

These belts caught my eye as well. They're customizable! Choose from any of the 6 leathers--three smooth leather and three skins, and then choose from one of about 15 stitch colors to make a classy belt with some pop! The blue and red were both a fun choice, but you could really get unique and individual with these.

If you're bummed that you missed the trunk show, don't worry. Michael Allen's can special order them for you at any time! (Great holiday gifts!!!)

So, that wraps up the parties for this week. Have you been to any great parties this season? What did you wear? Did you see someone or something that inspired your style? Please share in the comments below!

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