Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Colored Chino

Color is in. Gone are the days (for now) of donning head to toe black in order to achieve an uber fashionable look.  Some men are reaching for bold accessories, such as a red overnight bag or bright neon watch. But if you really want to embrace color this season there are some great trends out there to help, and the colored chino is one of them. I did a post back in July called Color Me Blocked that featured two pictures of men at Pitti wearing colored chinos. But I'm seeing them everywhere ranging from light pastels to bold primary greens and yellows. Here are a few recent sightings:

A great blog I follow called Unabashedly Prep recently featured these photos:

What a great mint green! He kept the rest simple with a classic blue button down and neutral accessories. Classic clothing line J.McLaughlin recently showed this great salmon chino in their lookbook :
While both of these examples show the colored chino worn casually, the above mentioned pictures from Color Me Blocked demonstrated how to dress them up with a basic blue unstructured jacket. Take a look:
Tommy Ton/

Tommy Ton/

Tailor Vintage is making a fun version that features a plaid pattern when you roll your pants (which if you read my recent Airport Style post, you know you should be doing.) These are also available in Kelly green and a pale blue. I found them at a great Men's shop in my local town of Portland, OR called Michael Allen's, but this line is also carried at Nieman Marcus stores across the country.

So lets see, if you wear colored chinos, pair them with a blue blazer, and roll the cuffs, that means you are wearing three trends at once! Look at you! Do you have colored chinos? What do you pair them with?


  1. They are certainly fashionable, no question about that. But where to buy chinos then? Just the affordable ones.

  2. I'm also quite fond of colored chinos and I have a huge collection.So many online shops are there for men colored chinos specially on military style.
    Choose one among then Paulo.

  3. Hi Paulo and Riyas- Banana Republic and J. Crew both have several options at reasonable price points.