Sunday, August 7, 2011

Airport Style

I've been on vacation all week in Estes Park, Colorado, which is a fantastic getaway for those of you who enjoy the outdoors.  I flew back today through the Denver International Airport and decided I would feature great travel style.  Much to my dismay, I found that I could have filled my entire blog post with "what not to wear." Pajama pants, sweats, ill fitting sports tee shirts, etc.  To be honest, the best dressed guys in the place were generally the cowboys in their trim jeans, nice boots and a hat.  I had planned on featuring the jeans and sport coat look, which is perfect for the jet setter.  A great pair of jeans and a nice quality tee are comfortable. You can carry on your jacket, which ensures that no matter who you run into at the airport--because you never know (top clients for example), or if the airline loses your luggage, you have a decent outfit. I did not see even one example of this in the entire airport.  I had almost given up hope of anything remotely fashionable, until I saw this guy reading a book right across from my gate:
While its not the jeans and sport coat look I had been watching for, he is wearing two very prominent trends simultaneously and successfully! The first is denim on denim.  Why does his version work? He chose two highly contrasting hues. Head to toe monochromatic denim is pretty hard to pull off. Second, he rolled his pants.  I can't stress this trend enough! It costs NO money to participate and when the trend has come and gone you still keep the same pants! You will nary see a man in Italy right now who does not have his pants rolled. Top it off with the fact that his shirt fits well at the shoulder, and you end up with an ensemble that is comfortable for travel, appropriate for the casual appeal of CO, and yet fashionable enough to get my attention.  Well done Terminal A Guy! Thanks for letting me feature you!

What do you wear when you travel? How do you change your choice if traveling internationally?


  1. Perhaps I need t follow this blog! Great idea.

  2. Perhaps you do, RMD! Thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed!