Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trend Watch- All Buttoned Up!

Kanye West/ Rolling Stone Magazine
Do you know what I love about today's post? I'm about to tell you how to be right on top of an up and coming trend without spending ANY money!

Most of you probably remember buttoning your shirt with no tie in the 80's. Well, this trend is making a comeback--we're seeing it everywhere on the runway, and I know how you want to be cutting edge cool! So next time you wear your business casual suit (no tie), sport coat and trousers, or jacket and jeans, try taking those buttons all the way to the top! In my opinion, there is only one rule to making this work. Make sure your collar isn't too long or wide. A super wide spread collar will look like its missing its Double Windsor, and your longer dress collars will need their Four-in-Hand.

Overall, I do think this look works well with jackets that have a slightly higher drop. Check out Kanye's jacket. See how the first button is near the bottom of his rib cage, not down at his belly button?

Here are a few more pictures for you from the Patrick Ervell Fall/Winter 2011 collection. Since Kanye has already demonstrated this trend with a suit, I chose examples that show how to wear this trend with a sport coat or more casually. And before you even get there, just replace the leather pants with jeans!

Just like rolling your pants, here you have a trend that takes no extra time and doesn't break the bank! So there's no reason not to give it a go. Will you wear this look? Casually, with a jacket, or both?

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