Sunday, October 9, 2011

Statement Outerwear

A lot of guys throw on a coat or jacket as an afterthought. They consider it to be a garment strictly for function. They may even spend quite a bit of time putting together a fantastic get up, and then cover it up with something marginally mediocre. Your outerwear is your finishing touch. Thousands more people see you when you are commuting or walking about town than they do while you're sitting in the office or movie theater, so make it count! A classic trench coat in black or tan is always a safe bet. But this season designers took things to another level. The outerwear IS your statement piece. Created in a wide range of fabrics, textures and colors, there are a myriad of unique coats to step outside your fashion comfort zone with. I'll start with the least intimidating.

This asymmetrical double breasted trench from Alexander McQueen is a perfect way to branch out on this trend without going too crazy. Its a safe, classic medium gray in a safe, classic wool fabrication. But all the detailing makes it stand out.

In the same vein, I found this picture on the Japanese website Men's Club of an average Joe walking down the street in a funky gray trench. Doesn't look so average, does he? This could be you!

Another "safe" bet is a leather, suede or cotton jacket with a shearling collar, like this great coat from Gucci. There is nothing outrageous here, just a bit of added interest.

Feeling a little adventurous? Outerwear is a great way to do that, because you actually get to take it off at some point during the evening, so its not quite as much of a commitment as other aspects of your ensemble. Come on, go for it!
Fur and Suede Coat- Burberry

Gray and Cobalt Overcoat- Libertine

What is your go to coat? Is it conservative or courageous? (North Westerners, PLEASE don't tell me its your precip jacket from REI. If that is your answer, you need to call me for a personal shopping appointment!)

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