Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Plaid Pantry

Plaid pants can be a fun piece to add to your closet this season.  You can find trousers, cotton pants, bold patterns or subtle checks, any of which will bring some interest to your basics. In my opinion they exude confidence, and show that you've got a bit of kick to your personality. As you'll see in the pictures below, plaid pants are great for men of any age. Unless you are a pattern mixing genius, the key is to let the pants be the focus, and pair them with your solid staples, such as a turtleneck and sport coat. One thing is for sure....these babies are not for the golf course!

The following shots are from the street photography section of the Japanese site Men's Club:

Man About Town- walking shoe and trench.

Casual with a parka and work boots.

Business- Jacket, Dress Shirt, Pocket Square and a splash of pattern mixing in the sock!

See? Not as tricky as you might have thought! Original Penguin has several great pair available right now at reasonable prices ranging from $98-$165.
Koff Drop Pant $98

Looking forward to spring, I discovered the line Chicago Harper at Portland Fashion Week where they debuted their Spring 2012 collection with these pants:

So mix it up and mix it in! If it feels bold, start with a subtle check. You'll find yourself needing more than one pair!

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