Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rethink your DB

Double Breasted sport coats have long been thought of as the most formal or proper of jacket. It can have a very dandy feel to it. The casual sport coat burst onto the Men's fashion scene a couple years ago, as a great pairing with jeans. But we haven't seen this trend embrace the DB jacket--until now! Topman, D&G and other designers are starting to create double breasted jackets in an unstructured, relaxed construction utilizing casual cottons, linen, and other less formal fabrication. The result is an unexpected high-low mix.

This great combination from the Spring 2011 D&G runway show is a  perfect example of how to wear this look. Distressed, rolled jeans with no socks. Open collared shirt (easily could have been a tee) and pushed up sleeves all down play the formal effect of the DB design.

This fall version in grey from Hentsch Man, available on Mr. Porter would be the perfect addition to your closet. Throw it over denim and pretty much any shirt and you've instantly upped your style. Keep the jacket short for this look to help keep the feel low key.

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