Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011 Fall Trends Day 7- Texture!

Tactile fabrics with visual texture are a major front runner in the fall collections this year. It just takes one statement piece to rock this trend and I think the best option is a sport coat. They are available in so many fabrications right now, can be dressed up or down easily, and will make your date want to reach out and touch you!

Take this gorgeous velvet jacket from Giorgio Armani, for instance. A crisp white or black shirt and trousers make it a statement evening piece, while a V neck tee and jeans will get you the hottest look at any party.
Tweeds, corduroy, camel hair and even a quilted blazer are all great variations on this trend.
Tweed and corduroy blazer from Comme des Garcons. Available at

Burberry Quilted blazer. Available at Nordstrom.
If you are on a budget, vintage stores can be a great place to find corduroy or velvet blazers. Explore with fall colors such as olive, navy, rust, brown and gray. Regardless of which fabric you choose, this trend is sure to grant you the attention you deserve. And maybe when that date reaches out for your arm, they'll hold on for a while.


  1. You couldn't be more right! Two ways to guarantee the shameless petting we all love from others. Sweet velvet or a shaved head. Both work like a charm. I'm ahead of the curve.

  2. That's one cool Tweed blazer!