Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Fall Trends Day Two- The Grown Up Backpack

A few years ago the messenger bag (man bag, satchell, what have you) became the must have Men's accessory and its been hanging on strong! But its about to get trumped! Backpacks are, well, back! And they're being designed with clean lines, sophisticated fabrications, and a sleek professional look appropriate for the office. This is not your high school student's backpack. On top of being the hip happening thing, they're much better for your physical alignment. The weight distribution they offer is so much better for you! When I measure guys for custom clothing I can almost instantly guess which shoulder they carry their bag on. It actually becomes more sloped with time! Just remember--don't put on your suit jacket until you've taken off the backpack. Those wrinkles would not be becoming! Here are just a few options to tempt you to stow away that brief case for a few seasons.......

The first two are from Herschel Supply Co.  I first saw them at a great store near my home called Local 35, but they are also available at Nordstrom and on Amazon.

Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

Herschel Supply Survey Scouting Backpack

If you haven't noticed from numerous previous posts, color in general is in. WAY in. Seil Marschall is ahead of the game with this fantastic bright backpack available at Mr. Porter. 
Seil Marschall Half Dome Heavyweight Backpack

I think this bag by Duluth Pack is my absolute favorite. Sleek and classy, black leather mixed with always stylish denim! Its a true nod to a company's design team when they specialize in outdoor gear but create something fashionable enough to sell at Barney's! And its made right here in the good old USA!
Duluth Denim Flatpack

This David King & Company pack is meant for your laptop. I've shown the deep chocolate version here but its also available in black and a beautiful cognac color. This is about as bulky as I would go for work. Extra side pockets are great for convenience, and this design is tasteful, but too many can make it look like you actually are going packing.

And get ready, because come spring, you're going to see them in every color imaginable! What do you think. Could you pull any of these off at the office? Would you be inclined to make the switch? Why or why not?


  1. About time backpacks came back!

  2. Thank you for the posting! The Barneys team came up with that great design! After 129 years hand crafting products in Duluth, MN it's always nice to be noticed!

  3. I was just at the Duluth Pack store in Duluth when I was visiting my family and I now have a large order headed out west! (have you seen their plaid crossbody bags??)

  4. I haven't, Icky, but I will go back and check them out! Thanks for the tip!