Saturday, July 9, 2011

What a Pitti

So, for those of you who don't know, Pitti Uomo is THE menswear show to be at. Globally! Italy in general is a site to see for fashion lovers everywhere. Somehow every person walking down the street seems effortlessly yet impeccably dressed.  Then you mix in a condensed week of men from all over the world who make a profession out of dressing, and you get some pretty great imagery.  Famed street photographer, Tommy Ton, captured a plethora of amazing shots from people hanging around outside the show. You can see the full slide show on by clicking here. My next few posts will feature current and coming trends captured in these photographs.

Today's choice is a fresh option for your seersucker suit! Seersucker is perfect for all the weddings and outdoor parties you'll be attending this summer.  I think the go-to shirt option for most men has always been a solid. But look at this guy.  Stripes on stripes! This is an easy and stylish look for anyone to pull off. Here's why it works: 
  1. He kept the stripes in both pieces the same color. The patterns give enough for your eye to look at without incorporating multiple colors.
  2. He made sure the stripes in the shirt were a different width than the stripes in the suit. If they were all the same thin pin, you would start looking like a walking optical illusion. The wider stripes in the shirt ground the pattern combination.
 Do you own a seersucker suit?  What do you pair it with?

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