Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Own Gray Jeans

I avoided the witty title for this post in the attempt to seriously drive this point home. I consider this a must have in any one's closet, whether you are male, female, 20 or 65.

First of all, colored denim is a huge trend right now, and for those of you who aren't likely to don a pair of purple jeans, muted tones such as grays and tans allow you to be subtly current.  Moreover, gray is not a color--its on the black to white spectrum, so you can't clash with it.  So they are far more versatile than a truly colored jean, but allow you to divert from classic blue.

But this goes way beyond a trend, this is a timeless staple. Chances are you already wear jeans all the time. If you don't, you are an anomaly. Mix it up a little. Don't you get tired of the same old thing? They look great with tees or sport coats. You can find them in distressed faded versions or classy, clean and dark. It will add a slight twist to your weekend look.

AND they contribute to the Sandy Neutrals trend I wrote about last week! Throw on an ivory tee and an ecru jacket and you will be wearing two trends at once!

Here are some great options in a variety of price ranges:

Affordable Find: Express $88.00
Click HERE to go straight to these jeans at Express!

Middle of the Road: Naked and Famous $140.00
Click HERE to go straight to these jeans at Nordstrom!

Luxury Buy: Maison Martin Margiela $485.00
Click HERE to go straight to these jeans at!

Tell me about your favorite pair of gray jeans and what you like to pair them with!

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