Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Get the Skinny

Skinny ties came back. Back in black.  It seems to me that most grown men--by that I mean professional working adults,  are under the opinion that this trend is for the 22 year old hipster only. Certainly if you are going to pair it with jeans, a plaid shirt, some Converse sneakers and a fedora, that would be correct! But a solid black silk skinny tie worn with a white dress shirt and black suit, can look quite elegant. In fact, I found so many pictures of men in their 30's through 60's wearing this trend that I couldn't possibly post them all. Just keep it clean, elegant and simple and you can wear this trend without looking like you can't quite let go of your college days. Pictures to prove it:

What's your vote?   Better left for Mad Men, or rock it again in 2011? (We still don't recommend the chain smoking and drinking scotch in your office at 10:30am though.)


  1. Clearly you are on to something here. Simple, looks to be key. Just ask any of the smokin' ladies that are on the arms of the skinny ties. :)

  2. Love it! Your blogs are so interesting and consistently on trend. I'm gonna get Matt to try it. Slick, and not Beatles-esque when worn with a modern suit.