Sunday, January 29, 2012

The "It" Accessory--Driving Gloves

Driving gloves are back. Big time! From the runway to Hollywood's silver screen to celebrity sightings, we're seeing them everywhere. And they're not only being worn for function, but as an accessory to an outfit. They can be classic and classy or edgy and funky, and are being worn by all ages. The following examples show the diversity of this cool "it" item.

The young Jonas Brother shows how to make this look sophisticated with a solid grey suit and a pair of classic black leather gloves.

The apropos accessory to his new movie, Drive, Ryan Gosling looks edgy and a bit bad ass with his brown gloves.

Usher leaves his wrist band casually unsnapped for an easily-tossed-off-high-style effect.

Where can I find this fabulous accessory, you ask? The classic glove is easy to come by, but try one of these three if you're looking for something a bit unique.

Leather is expected, so go for this pair with a mix of cotton and leather by Dents for a bit of a twist. 

If you are really looking for something edgy, add the fingerless feature into the mix! Marc Jacobs nails it with this pair available on

Or try this great glove from Wheelskins, available in three colors!  Deerskin Driving Gloves - Medium (Black)

Take this accessory out for a spin and see how you like it! Comment below and let us know what your driving gloves look like. Do you only wear them while driving or outside in the cold? Or do you use them as an accessory?


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