Sunday, January 22, 2012

Camo Makes a Cameo

My most recent post featured all the upcoming trends for Fall/Winter 2012 that are hitting the runway right now. One of them was camouflage. As I mentioned in the post (which you should go back and read if you didn't), this trend has been making a slow introduction into the fashion scene for the past several seasons. But now it is here in a big way. And you don't have to wait for fall. Its here now. The men's shows at Pitti, in Italy, take all the most well dressed men in the universe and plop them in one city for a week. And as you can imagine, the street photography bloggers flock like hungry pigeons. I've been pining the blogs I follow for some great shots, and this trend came up everywhere! Sometimes obvious, sometimes very subtle. These photos are all featured by two blogs, Tommy Ton for GQ, or StreetFSN. Think camo is just for the back woods hunting folk? You're about to change your mind.....

And Jean Paul Gaultier debuted his Fall Winter 2012 collection with some great layering, including this sweater, knit with a camouflage pattern!

There is no blending in with this camo--its meant to make you stand out! Why not let camo make a cameo in your wardrobe?

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