Saturday, March 23, 2013

Earn Your Stripes

In my last post I reviewed the hot trends for spring that have carried over from past seasons. Today's post kicks off the new looks for Spring Summer 2013, starting with STRIPES. I'm particularly excited about this trend hitting the Men's fashion circuit because its right in step with the women's. Ten years ago, women's fashion would set the trends, and the Men's lines would follow suit about 3 seasons later. But times have changed and we've caught up! Stripes are everywhere this season and its an easy look to pull off.

I told you I wasn't done with Jonathan Saunders. Here we see both a suit and sport coat version of two hot trends combined. As you know from last week, double breasted jackets are a must have item. Combine them with stripes and you're as current as current gets!

Up next is Jean Paul Gaultier. Ok, he's known for being a little over the top, so look past the turban. I'm not suggesting you wear this entire outfit as shown either. But look at how you can take stripes of two different widths and mix them.  A wide stripe paired with a thin one works--they don't compete and it won't look too busy. How might you tone this down for a real life look? Try a classic pin stripe trouser with a shirt or sweater with a much wider stripe. Mixing horizontal and vertical is another great way to pair two striped pieces.
 I close with a "rule breaker!" The oh-so-scary horizontal stripe. This particular example is from a designer I'm excited to have recently discovered. I'm finding Umit Benan to be right on trend and a little off the beaten path.While the pattern mixing is fun, I'd personally probably pair this sweater with a trimmer pant since its not fitted on top.

Don't shy away from horizontal stripes due to the fear it may make you look....well....larger than you want to. For those of you lucky enough to have a fantastically fit physique, go for it! But the majority of us may be a little shy about enhancing the waistline--male or female. I have two tricks for this. Take a striped tee or sweater and layer it under your favorite solid sport coat. It will show enough of the stripe to add interest and give you the trend, but the sides of the jacket will break off the stripe. The second option is to find a top with a strategically placed stripe to broaden the chest instead of the waistline. Try this one from Victorinox:

Victorinox Men's Kapple Stripe Crew-Neck Sweater

Comment below and tell us how you'll be wearing your stripes this season!

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