Sunday, November 13, 2011

Brace Yourself

I've always loved the look of a man in braces.  Its possible that as I say that you are conjuring up images of Larry King or Steve Urkel. But braces can be both classy and sexy, and should not be limited to your utmost of formal wear--the tux. Think Michael Douglas in Wall Street.

I've used Ed Westwick on the set of Gossip Girls as inspiration several times on this blog. The stylist for that show does an amazing job. Here's a great shot of Ed on set donning classic, red braces and looking totally fantastic. (p.s. Note the glimpse of red sock tying the accessories together!)

If you wear them right, braces can look hot with a tee and trousers--or even jeans. The Viridi-anne shows us how its done.

Braces were originally intended to be under your jacket. There's an instant feel that you've relaxed a bit...taken off a layer, yet you're totally clothed. Its as if you're seeing a hint of one's undergarment. Even when under your jacket--you reach in to get something out of your pocket and your jacket pulls back a bit to reveal an extra touch that no one knew was there a minute ago. They make a very attractive statement.

Many trousers come with no belt loops, and instead contain buttons for fastening braces. However, if yours didn't and you'd like to make the switch, this is an easy and inexpensive change for your tailor to make that can give your wardrobe a new feel. Just don't have both; that's a fashion no-no. There's another benefit to using braces rather than a belt. You don't have to match them to your shoes! Although, if the base of the braces are made of leather, you will still want to coordinate.

John Varvatos and Marc Jacobs both have casual pants out this season that come with a set of braces ready to go!
Marc Jacobs at

John Varvatos at Bloomingdales
 If you're going for something a little more dressy, either to pair with your suit or tux, you have two choices. Go classic, like the picture of Ed Westwick above, or add some of your own personality! There are some very fun braces out there! Brooks Brothers offers the always classic option:
Classic Braces from Brooks Brothers

Trafalgar helps you show some personality:

So hold up your pants with class! Brace yourself!

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